Unexpected Love Series

The Unexpected Love Series is a trilogy of romance novels set in the Regency era. In each story, the hero and heroine find love in the places they least expect to find it.

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The first in the series, The Wrong Woman, tells the story of Isobel Masters and Miles Shepherd, Baron of Revere. Longtime social antagonists, the two grudgingly spend time together and discover that they might not be so different after all. Published March 2013.


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The second book in the series is A Prince for Aunt Hetty. The story follows Isobel Masters’ Aunt Hetty (who we met in the first book) as she spends time with her young nieces and nephews in the country. While there, she meets the mysterious Rupert Henderson, whose secrets might keep them apart.


The third book in the trilogy will feature Catherine “Cat” Masters, younger sister of Isobel and niece of Harriet “Hetty” Masters.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Love Series

  1. Mercedes Ingram

    I loved “The Wrong Woman”! I just wish there is was a sequel to Miles and Izzy’s story! I want to see them get married and have babies. 🙂 I am excited to read about Aunty Hetty and hope there is one for Cat and Jack (please marry them off to each other!). Great read.


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