My Dear Sophy – A Jane Austen Novel

Cover Art by Emmanuel Jose

Click on any of the links below to take you to information about my first Austenesque novel!

You can now buy My Dear Sophy on Amazon.

You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter for more frequent updates: @playsthetart or the hashtag #MyDearSophy.

Reviews of My Dear Sophy:

5 Stars on Amazon

4.38 Stars on Goodreads

5 Stars from Indie Jane and Author Jessica Grey

9.5/10 from Pemberley Prose

4 Teacups from Austen in Boston

A mention from Meredith at Austenesque Reviews (one of the best Austenesque review sites!)

A lovely mention from The Raynfall Agency

Katherine from Gaskell Blog offers her congrats!

My posts about the project:

Introducing “Sophia Wentworth” – In which I announce that I’m writing an Austenesque novel and explain a little bit about the plot.

My Dear Sophy: A Family Affair – In which I discuss building families for your characters and how I built genealogies for mine.

My Dear Sophy – A First Glimpse – In which I take an opportunity to share some lines from the novel.

First [Draft] Impressions – In which I talk about some things I learned while writing the first draft of My Dear Sophy.

On Handwriting a Novel – My Dear Sophy’s first draft was handwritten! Here I share some of the pros and cons of my decision.

Artists Needed! – Know any artists who would like to design some cover art for My Dear Sophy?

The Back Cover Description – A description of the story of My Dear Sophy.

Release Date – July 9th!

Cover Art Revealed

Teaser #1 – Read the first chapter of My Dear Sophy!

Teaser #2 – Read about the first time Sophy & Conrad are alone.

My Dear Sophy Arrives in 3 Days!

My Dear Sophy Has Arrived! – Thank you to all friends and places to buy the book.

Two Weeks! – A big thank you for all the wonderful support!

Why Sophy Wentworth? In which I answer the question of why I chose to write about Sophia Wentworth/Croft.

Why Does Captain Croft Sing? In which I talk about my love for baritones and why (and what!) Connie sings.

Sale & Giveaway – Until September 15, My Dear Sophy is on sale. Also, I’m having a giveaway of two signed copies!

Giveaway Winners!

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