Why “Love Letters”?

The quotation in the blog heading comes from Jorge Luis Borges: “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” For me this is certainly true.

Libraries have been an incredibly important part of my life. Some of the earliest and fondest memories I have are of trips to the library on bright, sunshiney days. (Sidenote: I lived in Florida, so pretty much every day was a bright, sunshiney day.) My mom would put my two brothers and I into the car and drive us the couple of miles to the library. Before entering, she would lay out the rules: we had to use our inside voices; we had to walk everywhere and stay where she could see us; and each of us was allowed to take home ONLY ten books at a time. The story my mom loves to tell is that, each time we would go to the library, I would try to get around the “ten book” rule by getting all the ones I wanted and sitting down in the library to read them. Then I would choose my ten favorites to take home. We visited the library at least twice a week, more during the summertime. I have always read voraciously, devouring whatever I could get my hands on and spending days at a time firmly planted in the world of the book I was reading.

I’m also quite an eclectic, indecisive, and financially poor reader. These qualities make me an excellent library patron! I take enormous delight in browsing through the library and seeing what I can find, sometimes going home with a stack of books related only by the fact that they each struck my fancy that particular hour I spent in the library. Once I read something, I love to talk about it, write down my thoughts, think about how to incorporate the book into my own understanding of life. So that’s what this blog is for: for me to write about the books I encounter in my trips to the library.

Right now, I have the great good fortune to live one block away from the gorgeous main branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful building, but what’s more, it holds many wonderful volumes that I look forward to reading!

So here is Love Letters to the Library – because I love libraries, and I love the books stored within.

2 thoughts on “Why “Love Letters”?

  1. phylly3

    Just popped in from “The Picnic at Cranford”! I am enjoying poking around in your blog. I had to tell you how I LOVE your header! Can you tell me which library this picture is from? I love libraries too, and am lucky enough to work in one, as an Elementary School Librarian. I used to be a more voracious reader as a child, but now, most of my reading seems to be of blogs! I barely have time to keep up my own.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Phylly3! The header is a cropped photo (not my own property, I must confess) of Trinity College Library in Dublin. It’s an absolutely beautiful place and one of my favorite library spaces — even though I’ve only visited once. 🙂

      I know how you feel about doing your own reading. I teach writing to college freshman, so I have to make a good effort to get some reading time in during the school year. I hope that you have some success setting aside time. BTW, totally respect the elementary librarians of this world! I had some great ones help nurture my own love of libraries many years ago. Awesome job 🙂

      (Oh yeah, and I notice that you’re also an RA fan. Me too. ‘Nuff said. :))


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