Holidays With Jane: Trick or Sweet: Favorite Sweet Treats


Halloween is all about the costumes and candy, right? Well, here are some of my favorite (and pretty easy to make) sweet treats!

Probably my favorite treat to make is lollipop ghosts! In my Persuasion story in the Holidays With Jane: Trick or Sweet collection, I actually have Anne Elliot make quite a few of these things. (If you’re participating in the blog hop scavenger hunt, this is one of my clues!)

Halloween et al 038

You’ll need your favorite lollipops (I usually use Tootsie Roll pops), tissues or tissue paper, rubber bands or twisty ties, and markers to decorate. Take a lollipop and wrap the tissue over the top. Use a rubber band or tie to cinch the tissue just below the head of the lollipop. Then decorate at will! These ones are drawn with markers, but googly eyes are also pretty fun!


Another fun treat is eyeballs!

Halloween et al 047

You’ll need vanilla wafers (or your favorite cookie) and icing in whatever colors you’d like. Frost the vanilla wafer and then put a big dollop of a different color in the middle.


Bones are also fun to make!

Halloween et al 022

You’ll need pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and (if desired) icing. Stick a marshmallow on each end of a pretzel stick. These ones have melted icing on them (but it can make the pretzel soggy if you don’t plan on eating them right away).


And a piece de resistance for your party: graveyard brownies!

Halloween et al 017

You’ll need either pre-made brownies or to make your own, frosting, gummy worms, crushed up oreos, and any other ghoulish thing you’d like. You can do this in the pan or cut up the brownies (like above). Frost the brownies and then drop the crushed oreos everywhere. This should look like dirt. Then place the gummy worms all over, maybe even sticking them in the brownies! Here we’ve decorated with some skeleton hands (non-edible). If you want to get really creative, make little headstones!

So what are you favorite sweet treats for Halloween? Let me know in the comments. And be sure to check out Anne Elliot making lots and lots of googly-eyed lollipop ghosts in my Holidays With Jane: Trick or Sweet story!


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