“Holidays With Jane: Spring Fever” Out Now!


Dear readers,

The six authors (including moi!) who brought you the fabulous Holidays With Jane: Christmas Cheer collection of Jane Austen adaptations are back to bring you some brand new spring tales.

Last time I wrote an update of Pride and Prejudice that featured Darcy in a Santa suit. This time, you get Fanny Price of Mansfield Park in a bathing suit!

“No Vacancy at Mansfield Motel”
by Kimberly Truesdale
Fanny Price runs Mansfield Motel, the family business in sunny South Florida, mostly on her own. But she dreams of following in her Uncle Thomas’s footsteps and becoming a marine biologist. She plans to talk to her cousin Eddie about her dreams when he comes home for Spring Break. But when he brings along Henry and Mary Crawford, trouble starts to brew. Fanny watches her precious future begin to slip away. With everything on the line, will Fanny finally speak up for herself? Or will she be stuck running Mansfield Motel for the rest of her life?

The ebook of Holidays With Jane: Spring Fever is out now and the paperback will follow shortly! Keep your eyes peeled here and follow me on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you get all the news and info about contests to win special Holidays With Jane prizes.

Get your copy here.

And tell me, what’s your favorite thing about spring?



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