Movies You Won’t Watch Again

This is not an “I hate this movie” post. Not at all.

I’d like to talk about those movies you probably loved and still speak highly of whenever anyone asks but that you will most likely never watch again. Maybe those movies even make your “all-time favorites” list. But you will not watch them again. Maybe they wrecked you emotionally or you have fond memories of them that you don’t want to destroy. And this means that, for all the love you have to give and as many times as you might recommend them, you’ll probably never watch these movies again.

An example…

This is one that works on both levels for me: I have fond memories of it and the time in my life when I first watched it. Also, it wrecked me emotionally. Perhaps it’s cliche, but…

Yep. Titanic was such a huge part of my 15-year-old life that I hesitate to watch it now. I own a copy that I’ve carted around the country in my belongings. But I’ve never watched that DVD. Watching it now means admitting how silly it all is and being somewhat ashamed that at 15 I thought Jack and Rose were THE MOST ROMANTIC COUPLE EVER. I saw this in the movie theatre a number of times. I cried my eyes out. I still cry when I listen to the soundtrack (which will forever be one of my favorites and not something I’ll ever be ashamed of liking).

And then there’s…

My brothers and I watched this one over and over again as kids. But will I watch it now? No frickin’ way. And I bet you all know why… THAT. SCENE. You know the one. Same reason I can’t watch Bambi. Oh, when I have nieces and nephews, I will buy this for them for sure. But I’ll just conveniently have other things to do while they watch it. I don’t want my heart to get torn out through my chest again.

What about you? What movies are on your list of ones you want everyone to see but might never watch again for yourself?


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