Every Writer Should Read Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Philosophy of Composition”

Every once in awhile I remember how much I love Edgar Allan Poe's detailed essay "Philosophy of Composition." Don't let its intimidating name fool you, though, this is an essay that is easy to read. In my intro to college writing course, I use this short essay to show the freshman college students how much thinking writing can... Continue Reading →

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“Schitt’s Creek” Introduced a Pansexual Character and the World Didn’t End

Note: Thanks to all who are still coming to this post as the amazing "Schitt's Creek" continues its run (and hopefully will for a long, long time)! Please note that this post was published during the first season of the show and reflects only that season. There are many reasons you should watch my new... Continue Reading →

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Yes… and?

Just like our physical muscles need to be pushed and challenged in new ways, our brains need the same kind of workout. If we always do bicep curls, we're going to have some fantastic biceps, but our other muscles will look pretty puny in comparison! So I'd like to share with you one of the... Continue Reading →

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On Handwriting A Novel

As you know, I've recently finished the first draft of my novel My Dear Sophy. You might not know, however, that I handwrote the whole thing. That's right. I used my hand, a pen, and some notebooks to scratch out my little book. Here's what my tools looked like (hand included): Now, when I mention... Continue Reading →

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